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The Art of Healing


For more than a thousand years, Cambodia’s renowned classical dance has been invoking peace and spirituality through movement. Now, Sophiline Cheam-Shapiro, one of her culture’s most celebrated contemporary artists and a master teacher of the art of Cambodian dance, has developed a unique learning experience to introduce the regenerative practice of Cambodian dance and movement to others. Sophiline is a member of the first generation to revive the art form in the aftermath of genocide. She speaks fluent English and will bring you into a world of peace and joy.


Join Sophiline to learn the centuries’ old secrets of Jojia and to learn how movement can heal.  Available only in Phnom Penh, each 90-minute session demonstrates the restorative power of Jojia.


1.5 hours

$30 per participant

No experience required.

Dress: Yoga apparel

Jojia 2.jpg

Photo: Nobuyuki Arai

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